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Here's a small bio on the man himself;


After spending 30 years on the run, Ronnie Biggs became one of the world's most famous fugitives. Born Ronald Arthur Biggs on August 8, 1929, in London, England, Biggs was a member of the gang that stole roughly $7 million from an English mail train in 1963—an incident later nicknamed the "Great Train Robbery." Biggs played only a small role in the heist, but his flight from justice made him a legendary criminal.

A child during World War II, Biggs was evacuated from his London home. He spent two years living in countryside towns. Not long after his return to London, Biggs suffered a great loss when his mother died of an ulcer. Now a teenager, Biggs started getting into trouble, having several run-ins with the law for petty theft.


In 1947, Ronnie Biggs joined the Royal Air Force. Two years later, he got into trouble with police and the military authorities. Dishonorably discharged for theft and other crime, Biggs received a short prison sentence for stealing a car. More criminal exploits followed, with Biggs ending up sentenced to more than three years in prison for robbery.

For much of the 1950s, Biggs cycled through the British criminal-justice system on numerous theft-related charges. He made friends with Bruce Reynolds, the future mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery, during this time. In 1960, Biggs reportedly pledged to go straight after marrying his girlfriend Charmian Powell. He started a construction business with a friend, but he couldn't make ends meet. Biggs turned to Reynolds for a loan, but Reynolds invited him to join in a robbery instead.


We decided to drop a tee in ode to Ronnie, we are real happy with how the tee came out design and print wise. The print shows just enough of the photo to see clearly what the shot is.

We hope you enjoy,



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